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Directorate of Welfare of The Sri Lanka Navy - Scholarship Program

  1. Recommended monthly amount is Rs.1500 (~US$ 15) or more.

  2. Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

  3. Donate directly into the child’s/guardian's account. (This is the only donation option under this scheme)

  4. We will provide you with the contact details of the child and the family upon submission of the application. If you wish, you may contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

Application Procedure

  • Download the application form given below.

Application Form

To download right click on the image and select “Save Target As” (or “Save Link As”)

  • Please select a child from the list of children given below
  • Fill the application and email it to scholarships 'at'
  • We will consolidate the applications and submit them as a batch to the Sri Lanka Navy

Special note to Expatriates:

If you are an expatriate it might be ‘too expensive’ to send money every month to Sri Lanka due to high money transfer fees. In such a case it is prudent to send a sufficient sum of money to Sri Lanka and open a local bank account for this purpose. For example Sampath bank gives internet access to their accounts. Thus, if you open a Sampath Bank account you could link the child's account with it and transfer the funds every month over the internet. Other local banks also provide internet access.

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List of Children

Following list contains the details of children of Sri Lanka Navy personnel who have been killed in action (KIA), missing in action (MIA) or disabled in action (DIA) while defending the nation. (In the case of disabled personnel the percentage of disability is indicated within brackets). As of 01-11-2011, over 200 children have found sponsorships under this scheme and over 200 are awaiting sponsorships.

Please select a child from this list and fill the child's details section of the application form according to the details given below.

Children marked with a purple highlight colour are already sponsored. Please select a child whose background colour is white.

(Please refer to the table at the bottom for the titles of the abbreviated military ranks)

Ref. No.

Name of Child


Date of Birth

Home Town




NK010 JSR Perera M 04.01.1995 Matara  KIA Sponsored
NM072 TH Rajudeen  M 03.03.1992 Kirulapana Leading Rate MIA  
ND011 SK De Silva M 28.10.1993 Ambethanna Leading Rate DIA (80%)  
ND012 RD De Silva  M 23.09.2000 Ambethanna Leading Rate DIA (80%) Sponsored
ND014 MV  Laksan Madusanka  M 17.03.1990 Kalutara PO DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND015 WMC Weerasooriya F 28.07.1997 Magulagama PO DIA (75%) Sponsored
ND016 WMCS Weerasooriya F 15.10.1999 Magulagama PO DIA (75%) Sponsored
ND021 RDS Supun Kumara M 05.06.1994 Kurunegala MCPO DIA (30%)  
ND022 MAR Haputhanthri M 08.05.1994 Digana MCPO DIA (70%)  
ND029 Hemanthi Diluka F 27.01.1994 Deniyaya OD DIA (40%)  
ND030 NEG Viraji Lochana F 02.03.1994 Ibulgoda CPO DIA (50%)  
ND031 ENG Sanidi Susanya F 17.01.2002 Ibulgoda CPO DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND032 KAEK Jayasundara F 28.05.1996 Maduragoda CPO DIA (60%)  
ND033 KAUS Jayasundara M 16.08.2003 Maduragoda CPO DIA (60%)  
ND034 PKC Vinoodani  F 16.06.1995 Akmeemana Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND035 Tunupa Pulsarani F 21.05.1997 Akmeemana Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND036 GJ Perera F 11.05.2001 Ulapane PO DIA  
ND037 WMN Jayamali  F 03.12.1994 Badulla FCPO DIA  
ND038 WMS Hansamali  F 08.07.1998 Badulla FCPO DIA  
ND039 WH Abeysekara  M 27.09.1999 Gampaha Able Rate DIA  
ND040 WA Fonseka  M 27.12.1993 Ellakkala Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND041 UR Fonseka  F 28.09.1995 Ellakkala Leading Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND042 WMKP Weerasinghe   09.01.1993 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND043 WMTN Weerasinghe    09.01.1993 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND044 WMMC Weerasinghe   11.11.1996 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND045 WMAI Weerasinghe   11.11.1997 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%)  
ND046 WMPB Weerasinghe   05.12.1998 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%)  
ND047 SP Gunasekara M 02.07.1994 Mathugama Leading Rate DIA (15%)  
ND048 DS Gunasekara  M 06.08.1998 Mathugama Leading Rate DIA (15%)  
ND049 Yeshmi Rawindri  F 10.08.1997 Mathugama Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND050 Dusantha Ransika M 01.07.2000 Mathugama Able Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND051 MR Ishadi F 21.05.1998 Baddegama Leading Rate DIA Sponsored
ND052 MK Kavindi F 20.05.2002 Baddegama Leading Rate DIA Sponsored
ND054 PT   Wicramathilake  F 24.10.2000 Kadugannawa REC DIA (80%) Sponsored
ND055 ST Jayawardena    07.04.1994 Padukka PO DIA (20%)  
ND056 ST Jayawardena    05.07.1996 Padukka PO DIA (20%)  
ND057 SIK Jayalath   10.11.1992 Rathgama PO DIA (20%)  
ND058 SOA Jayalath    16.04.1995 Rathgama PO DIA (20%)  
ND059 DS Rodrigo M 09.09.1995 Gampaha Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND060 PSR  Rodrigo  M 18.06.2004 Gampaha Able Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND061 DIU Munasinghe  M 28.04.1991 Gonapola Leading Rate DIA (25%)  
ND062 DPLN Munasinghe M 10.04.1998 Gonapola Leading Rate DIA (25%)  
ND063 KH Sithum M 30.09.1995 Homagama Leading Rate DIA  
ND071 HMRHR Herath  M 08.12.1997 Kandy PO DIA  
ND074 NH Anuradhi  F 26.06.1992 Rathgama OD DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND075 NT Malshani  F 08.03.1995 Rathgama OD DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND076 NV Dananjaya M 28.03.1997 Rathgama OD DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND077 MPRS Kumara   10.04.1991 Meerigama PO DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND078 MPNC Kumara   10.06.1994 Meerigama PO DIA (60%)  
ND079 WGYRR Wickramasinghe M 19.04.1995 Udawalawe Leading Rate DIA Sponsored
ND080 WGWR Wickramasinghe M 24.05.2001 Udawalawe Leading Rate DIA  
ND081 DAK Theekshana M 14.02.2001 Beliaththa Leading Rate DIA (30%)  
ND082 MYMSL Gunasekara F 18.03.1996 Dharganagaraya Leading Rate DIA (65%)  
ND083 TMHTD Gunasekara F 17.11.2000 Dharganagaraya Leading Rate DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND084 DNK Gunasekara M 24.11.1995 Piliyandala Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND086 DCD Jayasinghe M 06.09.1991 Pothuhara PO DIA  
ND087 DJD Jayasinghe M 14.12.1995 Pothuhara PO DIA  
ND088 DMDS Jayasinghe F 01.06.2002 Pothuhara PO DIA  
ND089 AMDKN Rathnayake M 27.01.1998 Kiribathgoda PO DIA (40%)  
ND090 AMDAN Rathnayake M 12.08.2002 Kiribathgoda PO DIA (40%)  
ND093 CKJ Athukoorala F 16.10.1998 Kaduwela Able Rate DIA (25%)  
ND097 AV Nalaka Hewage  F 08.07.2002 Mt. Laviniya Leading Rate DIA (35%)  
ND098 ST Sigera F 19.11.1996 Hokandara Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND099 BS Sigera  F 15.07.2000 Hokandara Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND100 CD Keel    14.02.1994 Maharagama OD DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND101 CDS Keel    08.12.1995 Maharagama OD DIA (40%)  
ND102 PL Madumali  F 05.12.2003 Rathgama PO DIA (20%) Sponsored
ND103 HM Perera  M 16.04.1996 Wadduwa OD DIA Sponsored
ND104 M Perera F 04.01.2000 Wadduwa OD DIA Sponsored
ND105 MMDS Samararathna  F 26.08.2000 Himbutana OD DIA (40%) Father requested to transfer scholarship to another deserving child
ND106 PL Gunasekara M 22.07.1993 Pilimathalawa Leading Rate DIA (75%)  
ND107 PG Gunasekara M 28.05.1995 Pilimathalawa Leading Rate DIA (75%) Sponsored
ND108 KGS Geethamali   11.06.1994 Bentota Able Rate DIA (15%)  
ND109 KGIG Kumarasiri    22.01.1997 Bentota Able Rate DIA (15%)  
ND110 SS Nissanka M 17.01.1995 Kandy Able Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND111 HS Nissanka M 01.10.2001 Kandy Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND112 WP  Wickremasinghe   09.12. 2000 Polgahawela PO DIA (30%)  
ND113 CS Wickremasinghe     30.06.2003 Polgahawela PO DIA (30%)  
ND114 DHD Dharmarathne M 19.01.2003 Mawethagama Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND118 RMG Manarandi    11.08.1996 Kandy Leading Rate DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND119 RMJ Vimarsha    27.10.1997 Kandy Leading Rate DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND120 TS Lokukatiya  M 13.08.1997 Gampola OD DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND121 Buddima Nimsara M 22.04.2003 Thalawathugoda Able Rate DIA  
ND122 Lakmi Rangana Perera F  22.03.1996 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (30%)  
ND123 Malki Hansani Perera  F 23.01.2000 Minuwangoda Able Rate DIA (30%)  
ND124 PALM Sangeeth  M 31.08.1999 Uragasmanhandiya Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND125 DGS Tharuki F 12.02.2000 Kahaduwa OD DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND126 KMI Sudeepani  F 01.05.1998 Nikaweratiya Leading Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND127 KMA S Karunanayaka    31.01.2003 Nikaweratiya Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND128 Nethmi Nisansala F 30.09.1998 Mathale Able Rate DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND129 Sanshuka Sanuka M 28.02.2002 Mathale Able Rate DIA (65%)  
ND130 KAD Kurugala  M 02.06.1996 Eheliyagoda Leading Rate DIA (80%) Sponsored
ND131 KAM Kurugala M 15.10.2000 Eheliyagoda Leading Rate DIA (80%) Sponsored
ND132 PAWN Jayakody  M 20.02.1994 Pepiliyawela OD DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND133 PAWHS Jayakody F 12.07.1999 Pepiliyawela OD DIA (60%)  
ND134 SR Prabhath Kavinda M 12.10.1997   PO DIA (40%)  
ND135 DCAK  Dilsan  M 21.12.1996 Gatahetta Able Rate DIA (30%)  
ND141 K.B.H Madusha M 28.09.1995 Marawila PO DIA (30%)  
ND142 OA Liyanage  F 25.12.2002 Veyangoda OD DIA (20%)  
ND143 KA Liyanage F 23.01.2003 Veyangoda OD DIA (20%) Sponsored
ND144 SNS Fernando F 20.06.2000 Marawila Leading Rate DIA (30%)  
ND149 GRBN Priyadarshana F 05.07.1997 Higurakgoda Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND150 GRIT Priyadarshana  F 02.02.2001 Higurakgoda Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND151 GRTN Priyadarshana  F 19.09.2002 Higurakgoda OD DIA (40%)  
ND152 NDDPM Premalal M 14.06.1995 Hanwella OD DIA (75%)  
ND153 NDNNPM Premalal M 06.08.1998 Hanwella OD DIA (75%) Sponsored
ND154 DS Kaviska   M 08.12.2001 Boossa Leading Rate DIA (30%) Sponsored
ND155 MNF Nafla F 10.07.1996 Polgahawela Able Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND156 MNM Naweed M 20.10.1998 Polgahawela Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND157 MNM Nasad M 23.06.2002 Polgahawela Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND158 KAHR Kodisinghe F 15.10.2002 Veyangoda Leading Rate DIA (30%)  
ND159 YM Achini Upeka F 16.07.2001 Mirihanegama Leading Rate DIA (30%) Sponsored
ND162 WAT Nisasnsala F 03.07.2001 Beliaththa Able Rate DIA (20%) Sponsored
ND163 WAL Piyumali F 19.01.2003 Beliaththa Able Rate DIA (20%)  
ND164 IGP Pramuditha M 20.05.1998 Galle REC DIA Sponsored
ND165 Imesha Sewvandi F 05.08.1997 Wadduwa OD DIA Sponsored
ND168 BWRL  Amaraweera M 10.07.1997 Dikwella Leading Rate DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND169 BWPS  Amaraweera F 30.11.2001 Dikwella Leading Rate DIA (50%)  
ND170 BWKL  Amaraweera M 30.07.2003 Dikwella Leading Rate DIA  
ND171 WND Wijerathne M 29.07.1999 Galapitamada PO DIA (30%)  
ND172 Chamodi Dewmini F 26.09.1999 Pamunugama Leading Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND173 HK Makandana F 31.07.1996 Awissawella Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND174 SN Makandana F 10.01.2000 Awissawella Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND175 GVP Nilupul M 07.05.1998 Kurunegala CPO DIA  
ND176 GVK Sawethana M 12.11.2003 Kurunegala CPO DIA Sponsored
ND178 SA Hasitha Hansaka M 18.01.2003 Gampaha Leading Rate DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND179 AST Umayanga M 16.03.2000 Matara Able Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND180 BMBW Abisheka  M 23.10.2001 Anuradhapura Leading Rate DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND181 GSD Vishmitha  M 02.02.1998  Yakkala Leading Rate DIA (50%)  
ND182 GSR Nirmal  M 30.01.2001 Yakkala Leading Rate DIA (50%)  
ND184 DSR Fernando  F 28.04.2000 Manikhinna Leading Rate DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND185 BDV Fernando F 19.01.2003 Manikhinna Leading Rate DIA (50%) Sponsored
ND186 PGRNS Gamlath  F 19.03.1999 Kegalle Leading Rate DIA (35%)  
ND187 WAA Dissanayake  F 19.06.2001 Nittambuwa Able Rate DIA (65%) Sponsored
ND188 AM Shanika Chandani  F 11.04.1999 Welimada Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND189 AM Shamila Lakshan M 20.05.2003 Welimada Leading Rate DIA (40%)  
ND193 AH Sarathchandra    21.11.2003 Kandy Leading Rate DIA (70%)  
ND195 WKESS Kumara M 24.10.2000 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%)  
ND196 WKTD Chanduka M 05.05.2002 Minuwangoda Leading Rate DIA (60%)  
ND197 HDAA Priyankara   26.05.2002 Elpitiya REC DIA (35%) Sponsored
ND200 LHRYS Perera   17.03.2003 Potuhera Leading Rate DIA  
ND201 PKDD Nayanodhdhya M 27.11.2000 Polonnaruwa PO DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND202 HMT Dulaksika F 05.12.1999 Naththandiya Leading Rate DIA  
ND203 HMT Sulaksika  F 20.04.2003 Naththandiya Leading Rate DIA  
ND204 KBWKD Peiris M 14.05.2002 Ukuwela Able Rate DIA (70%)  
ND205 WPL Walpita  M 20.06.1999 Monaragala Leading Rate DIA  
ND206 RMDN Abeysinghe  M 25.03.2001 Kurunegala Able Rate DIA  
ND208 MMADK Maheepala F 08.05.2002 Yakkala Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND209 PHS Kaveesha Kushanthi  F 29.05.2000 Karandeniya Leading Rate DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND210 HDN Kumari wijabandara F 26.08.1999 Mahawe Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND211 HBSS Wijebandara M 16.04.2003 Mahawe Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND212 WPTH Wickramanayake   14.12.1998 Kurunegala Able Rate DIA (70%) Sponsored
ND213 WPRP Wickramanayake   17.10.2001 Kurunegala Able Rate DIA (70%) Sponsored
ND216 AASK Apalegama M 26.03.2003 Belihuloya Able Rate DIA (75%)  
ND219 AHC Sewvandi F 28.01.2000 Kalutara OD DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND220 AHAC Deshappriya M 19.12.2002 Kalutara OD DIA (60%) Sponsored
ND221 DLDL Lakmini  F 18.05.1999 Neboda REC DIA (75%) Sponsored
ND225 NI Weerasinghe    29.11.1992 Kadawatha Able Rate DIA (80%)  
ND226 RN Weerasinghe    25.10.1995 Kadawatha Able Rate DIA (80%)  
ND227 UR Weerasinghe    25.10.2000 Kadawatha Able Rate DIA (80%) Sponsored
ND228 HHS Jayalath   07.02.1992 Batapola Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND229 HHI Jayalath    15.07.1993 Batapola Able Rate DIA (60%)  
ND230 MII Perera F 19.12.1995 Panadura OD DIA (40%)  
ND231 MN Perera F 14.06.2001 Panadura OD DIA (40%) Sponsored
ND232 HY Perera M 26.02.1992 Panadura OD DIA (40%)  
ND233 MDD Madushanka F 05.06.1992 Gandera Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND234 Ishani Nethmini  F 05.06.1992 Gandera Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND235 Nimesha Hansani F  09.12.1998 Gandera Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND240 Manisha Kaushini Perera F 11.04.1998 Nittambuwa Able Rate DIA (40%)  
ND241 IMK Anuradha Ranjith   12.07.1995 Kottegoda OD DIA (100%)  
ND242 IMD Anuradhi   01.02.2001 Kottegoda OD DIA (100%) Sponsored
ND244 CS Welianga F 26.03.2003 Harispaththuwa Able Rate DIA (20%)  
ND245 Kavindi Yasoda F 21.03.1994 Horana Able Rate DIA (30%) Sponsored
ND246 Yosani Sonali   F 11.09.1997  Horana Able Rate DIA (30%) Sponsored
ND247 Kesani Amanda  F 30.12.2001 Horana Able Rate DIA (30%) Sponsored
ND248 SE Wickramasinghe F 21.02.2000 Katuwena Able Rate DIA Sponsored
ND249 PD Wickramasinghe F  28.02.2002 Katuwena Able Rate DIA Sponsored
NK029 AGSS Bandara M 12.11.1990 Hatharaliyedda CPO KIA Sponsored
NK031 KKD Udana Kulawansa M 30.12.1994 Ganegoda PO KIA Sponsored
NK037 MPBD Marasinghe F 12.07.1995 Alavuwa PO KIA Sponsored
NK046 OO Paranawithana F 13.12.2000 Ragama CPO KIA Sponsored
NK047 UN Dasanayake F 17.04.1997 Matale Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK049 DSAMSC Adikari M 21.12.1994 Bingiriya CPO KIA Sponsored
NK050 DSAMTL Adikari M 16.09.2000 Bingiriya CPO KIA Sponsored
NK055 AARC Adikari  M 29.10.1997 Veyangoda PO KIA Sponsored
NK056 DBUI  Wijethunga F 31.10.1997 Kangalla PO KIA Sponsored
NK061 KKWS Sankanath M 15.05.1999 Imbulgoda PO KIA Sponsored
NK062 WPDL Weerakoon F  04.05.2001 Widulipura CPO KIA Sponsored
NK063 HN Ranaweera F 14.07.2000 Ambilipitiya CPO KIA Sponsored
NK064 WPMSS Wijesooriya F 17.12.2000 Dodanduwa PO KIA Sponsored
NK065 MD Yalingasinghe M 11.06.1998 Kandy Able Rate KIA Sponsored
NK071 WSS Sooriyaarachchi M 29.09.2001 Narammala PO KIA Sponsored
NK073 HATS Perera  F 18.05.1997 Avissawella Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK074 KALM Kuruppuarachchi F 28.11.2002 Matale PO KIA Sponsored
NK078 AGK Nimesh  M 10.05.2001 Dewahuwa CPO KIA Sponsored
NK082 TGTM Thilakarathne M 08.05.2003 Galenbidunawewa Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK083 RMDH Amarasinghe M 21.12.2003 Katupotha Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK084 DMDM Dissanayaka F 19.07.2001 Theldeniya Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK085 MUN Danapala M 13.05.2002 Monaragala Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK086 HD Herath M 19.10.2002 Kegalle Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK087 WMNW Wijesundara  F 25.04.1999 Anamaduwa Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK092 WRSS Rajapaksha  F 01.06.2002 Anuradhapura Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK093 KVK Minsarani  F 20.05.2005 Kegalle Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK095 WLAUK Liyanaarachchi  F 02.10.2001 Ginigathhena OD KIA Sponsored
NK096 NDDP Fernando  M 11.06.2003 Ehetuwewa Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NK101 CH Leelarathne   F 12.07.1991 Kotugoda Able Rate KIA Sponsored
NK113 CS Ranaweera  M 11.06.2000 Mahawela Leading Rate KIA Sponsored
NM010 MARD Manorathna  F 11.03.2001 Heiyanthuduwa Cdr MIA Sponsored
NM014 MS Dalugama M 20.12.2003 Anuradhapura Lt Cdr MIA Sponsored
NM015 KMC Vinodlankara M 17.02.1992 Kundasale CPO MIA Sponsored
NM017 MGAN Jayathilaka  M 12.09.1993 Kandy CPO MIA Sponsored
NM031 RAT LakshanRanaweera M 01.10.1996 Maspotha CPO MIA Sponsored
NM032 WAM Wijesinghe F 27.03.1993 Thalgaswala PO MIA Sponsored
NM033 WAPL Wjesinghe F 24.09.1996 Thalgaswala PO MIA Sponsored
NM034 Pathima Shabnam F 10.11.1996 Kalagedihena Able Rate MIA Sponsored
NM035 KM Kaluarachchi  M 17.07.1996 Agalawaththa Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM036 PK Kaluarachchi M 21.11.2000 Agalawaththa Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM037 HMAKN Wijerathna F 07.07.1991  Kundasale Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM042 IN  Ranasinghearachchi  F 16.05.1997 Dedigamuwa Able Rate MIA Sponsored
NM044 WMSK Bandara  F 03.06.1998 Wariyapola Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM046 RSANM Rajapaksa M 26.07.1996 Ruwanwella Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM047 BWNA Madusanka M 17.06.2000 Danthure PO MIA Sponsored
NM049 RKS  Apsara F 07.10.1996 Gonapinuwala Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM050 A Sandareka Rajapaksa F 20.04.1995 Piliyandala Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM051 WMD Samanmali F 24.12.1991 Naranpanawa Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM056 IMN Pubudika F 23.05.2002 Balalla Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM059 WKS Nuhansa Weerasinghe F 05.05.1997 Induruwa Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM061 U Imas Silva M 25.08.1995 Dehiwala Able Rate MIA Sponsored
NM066 MD Shehan Kawishka M 11.11.2002 Dambulla Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM067 MGN Sathsarani Senarath F 27.05.2003 Dikoya Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM068 DMH Lakshani  F 27.03.2000 Rathgama Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM069 IDMA Karunarathna M 22.02.1990 Mahagama Leading Rate MIA Sponsored
NM073 WLDT Weerasuriya   13.07.1991 Kalutara South PO MIA Sponsored
NM077 SP Liyanage  F 19.03.1992 Agalugaha Able Rate MIA Sponsored
ND007 TD Edirisinghe  M 31.01.2002 Matara S/Lt DIA Sponsored
ND008 ANM Fernando  M 26.03.1998 Kandana Mid DIA Sponsored
ND009 ANW Fernando  M 07.09.2002 Kandana Mid DIA Sponsored
ND010 TM Nagahawaththa  F 01.03.2001 Imbulgoda Lt DIA Sponsored
ND006 C H Edirisinghe F 13.01.1998 Matara S/Lt DIA Sponsored

Military Ranks of the Sri Lanka Navy

The following table presents the military ranks of the Sri Lanka Navy in the descending order of the rank

Rank/Rate Abbreviation Commissioned Officer Ranks
Admiral Adm
Vice Admiral VAdm
Rear Admiral RAdm
Commodore Cmde
Captain Capt
Commander Cdr
Lieutenant Commander Lt Cdr
Lieutenant Lt
Sub Lieutenant S/Lt
Midshipman Mid
Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO Other Ranks
Fleet Chief Petty Officer FCPO
Chief Petty Officer CPO
Petty Officer PO
Leading Rate Leading Rate
Able Rate Able Rate
Ordinary Rate OD
Recruit REC

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