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Ranaviru Seva Authority Scholarship Program

  1. Recommended monthly amount is Rs.1500 (~US$ 15). You are welcome to donate more if you wish.

  2. Recommended period of scholarship is 4 years. You have the flexibility to decide on a longer or shorter duration based on individual needs.

  3. Donate a minimum of Rs.6,000 to Ranaviru Seva Authority (RVSA) account every 6 months. RVSA will ensure that the money will be distributed in equal monthly installments to the child’s/guardian's account. For example;

    • If you are donating Rs.6,000 every 6 months, RVSA will deposit Rs.1,000 to the child’s (or guardian’s) account every month. (i.e 1,000 x 6 = 6,000).

    • If you are donating Rs.18,000 once every year, RVSA will deposit Rs.1,500 to the child’s (or guardian’s) account every month (i.e 1,500 x 12 = 18,000).
  4. Note 1: The accrued interests of the donations do not go to the children but will be utilised for similar worthy causes undertaken by RVSA.

    Note 2: If you wish to remit monthly installments directly into the child's/guardian's account, please consider sponsoring a child through the Navy Scholarship Program

  5. Contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the RVSA upon submission of application. If you wish, you may contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

Application Procedure

  • Download the application form given below.

Application Form

To download right click on the image and select “Save Target As” (or “Save Link As”).

  • Please select a child from the list of children given below
  • Fill the application and email it to scholarships 'at'
  • We will consolidate the applications and submit them as a batch to the Ranaviru Seva Authority which in turn would provide you with the contact details of the child's family and the instructions to remit the funds.
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Ranaviru Children with Medical Needs
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List of Children

Please note that the military and police personnel listed below havedied (or were disabled) by ways other than while being directly engaged in fighting. For example, some may have died after contracting a disease; some may have died from road accidents etc. The important thing to note is that they all have done a great service to the nation and have either died or suffered disability while they were serving the nation. Furthermore, the children listed come from low income families and they would benefit greatly from your assistance.

Ref. No.

Name of Child


Date of Birth

Home Town



RAF/19-B A.D.B. M 1989 Ampara Police Sponsored (Uni Student)
RAF/47 B.A.Praveen Michayal Guyes M 1997.12.10 Puttalama Army  
RAF/139 WL Nimesh Tiwanka Piyarathna M 2001.08.25 Alawatugoda Army Sponsored
RAF/140 MH Ishan Sanjeewa M 2001.03.18 Ratnapura Army Sponsored
RAF/141 APT Pahan Charaka Sampath De Silva M 2004.02.13 Ratnapura Police Sponsored
RAF/142 DKG Dilip Madusanka Dissanayake M 1997.07.15 Polonnaruwa Army Sponsored
RAF/143 DKG Diluksha Madushan Dissanayake M 2001.07.04 Polonnaruwa Army  
RAF/144 AH Sandeepa Shehan Gunawardana M 1995.09.08 Elpitiya Police Sponsored
RAF/145 AH Sarika Shaivi Gunawardana F 1992.08.10 Elpitiya Police Sponsored
RAF/146 WM Lahiru Sampath Wijekoon M 2003.10.07 Divulapitiya Army Sponsored
RAF/147 WM Supun Kavinda Wijekoon M 2003.10.07 Divulapitiya Army Sponsored
RAF/148 LD Aruni Madumali F 1995.12.05 Kalutara Army Sponsored
RAF/149 LD Hansika Virajini F 1994.02.23 Kalutara Army Sponsored
RAF/150 AG Erandi Himashika Kumari Ayagama F 1998.05.02 Nuwara Eliya Police  
RAF/151 AG Isuru Udani Kumari Ayagama F 2003.11.09 Nuwara Eliya Police  
RAF/152 EMS Shaluka Bandara Ekanayake M 1999.05.07 Kandy Police  
RAF/153 KA Esala Milan Vimukthi M 1995.12.28 Hambantota Army  
RAF/154 Sandunika Nethmi Munasinghe F 1997.05.26 Yakkala Army Sponsored
RAF/155 KM Yashmika Bashani Premachandra F 2000.09.07 Katupotha Army Sponsored
RAF/156 EA Don Dilmi Nirasha F 1998.12.17 Veyangoda Army Sponsored
RAF/157 CK Chanidi Ayodya Herath F 2003.06.11 Eppawala PSD  
RAF/158 Misal Nandaja Mallawarachchi M 2009.09.23 Mathugama Army Sponsored
RAF/159 M Chalaka Nipun Dharshana M 1997.08.23 Ethkandura Police  
RAF/160 GG Chamara Madhushanka M 1995.03.09 Panadura Army  
RAF/161 Janith Hirushan M 2003.12.25 Kubbukgama Army  
RAF/162 W.Udith Niwantha Jayathilka M 1997.02.07 Dambulla Navy Sponsored

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